Leadership shapes a company and guides its future. It is the framework upon which a culture is built. AESI has maintained steady growth, building on integrity, quality and relationships. All of this is a direct result of our people.

Loreto Sarracini, P.Eng.

Almost 40 years’ experience working directly for a vertically integrated utility and with generation, transmission, distribution and operations utilities. Expertise in Power System Operations, EMS/SCADA, NERC Compliance (CIP and Non-CIP), and Operational Management.

P · 905.875.2075 or 770.870.1630 x. 234

E · loretos@aesi-inc.com

Chief Technology Officer

Greater than 20 years of experience of hands-on, progressive utility experience for a large transmission utility and consulting with electrical power utilities, as well as w/ww and gas distribution utilities, specifically in the area of Networks and Security. Current member of GridEx.

P · 905.875.2075 or 770.870.1630 x. 250

E · toddp@aesi-inc.com

Joe Raso, P.Eng., MBA
Chief Operating Officer

More than 20 years supporting electrical utilities, distribution centers and corporate operations with software development, strategic planning, process analysis and business improvement. Joe supports all practice areas in the successful completion of a wide range of projects with a focus on quality and efficiency.

P · 905.875.2075 or 770.870.1630 x. 238

E · joer@aesi-inc.com

Doug Westlund, P.Eng., MBA
Senior Vice President

More than 30 years’ experience in communications and cyber security in the utility and telecommunications markets. Doug is a recognized industry leader in cyber security for electric power utilities.

P · 905.875.2075 or 770.870.1630 x. 278

E · dougw@aesi-inc.com

Joel Charlebois, P.Eng.
Vice President Regulatory Compliance

Greater than ten years’ experience assisting electric utilities across North America to understand and meet their NERC compliance obligations within the context of their regional or provincial regulatory frameworks through assessments, governance development, training and sustainment services.

P · 905.875.2075 or 770.870.1630 x. 236

E · joelc@aesi-inc.com

Edvard Lauman, P.Eng.
Vice President Operational Technology

Greater than ten years’ experience at a large transmission utility and with electric power utilities and municipal clients spanning Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT), including cyber security and NERC CIP compliance.

P · 905.875.2075 or 770.870.1630 x. 235

E · edvardl@aesi-inc.com

Director, Cyber Security

A well-established Enterprise Architect, Information Security, and Compliance leader, Mark brings proven capabilities with consulting and in managing large and small enterprise projects throughout the complete technology lifecycle. A recognized thought-leader in risk management, he provides the confidence clients can rely upon for the design and implementation of secure, high-availability, mission-critical technology platforms and delivery systems. Mark is certified to audit, test and authenticate information systems security controls.

P · 905.875.2075 or 770.870.1630 x. 279

E · markm@aesi-inc.com

Toula Campbell Beris
Director Business Operations

Greater than ten years’ experience in Business Operations, from various industries, leading the organization’s operations to meet established objectives for growth and profitability.

P · 905.875.2075 or 770.870.1630 x 230

E · toulac@aesi-inc.com

Board of Directors

AESI would like to acknowledge the guidance received from the following members of our Board of Directors.

Don Robinson – Founder and Chairman, still contributes today, bringing more than 40 years’ engineering and business management experience.

Joining him are: Loreto Sarracini | Joe Raso | Doug Westlund