Success Story – Alabama Municipal Electric Authority

Client Testimonial

AESI is one of the best consulting firms that I have ever dealt with during my career in the electric utility industry. Their key to success is simple. They deliver what they say they will do, deliver it when they say they will, and deliver it within budget.
-Ray Phillips, Manager of Compliance


Building on a successful relationship since 1996, Alabama Municipal Electric Authority (AMEA) engaged AESI to help prepare AMEA for its first ever NERC Regulatory Compliance Audit, which was conducted in 2007.  AMEA passed this audit with no violations, findings or recommendations. This audit was only for operations & planning.

AESI developed a database management system for AMEA in 2012 that is based on the SharePoint technology. This remotely hosted database replaced AMEA’s cumbersome file structure and allowed AMEA to securely access the database via the internet. Utilizing this new database and AESI’s subject matter experts, AMEA passed its CIP, cyber security audit, its culture of compliance audit and its operations & planning audit during 2013 with no PVs (Potential Violations), concerns, or recommendations.

AMEA is registered with NERC as a Generator Owner (GO), Generator Operator (GOP) and Load Serving Entity (LSE).  AESI has continued to support AMEA with various NERC Related services including:

  • Readiness Assessment and Mock Audits
  • Updating of compliance documentation to current standards
  • Development/Implementation/Enhancement of an Electronic Document Management Solution for its NERC documentation
  • NERC Training
  • NERC Compliance Advisory Services to prepare for their Regional  SERC Audit
  • On-going NERC Compliance Services