Success Story – Alabama Municipal Electric Authority

AESI started working with Alabama Municipal Electric Authority (AMEA) in 1996 with a SCADA/EMS project that included centralized and dispersed computer systems, RTUs (Remote Terminal Units) and telecommunications.  The project support provided by AESI included defining the user requirements, through design, system acceptance, RFP process and completion of support for installation & implementation of the system. Since then, our relationship and understanding has grown as demonstrated through projects such as:

  • Load Management: technology assessment and verification plan
  • 3rd Party Review of engineering construction drawings
  • Assessment of Resource Management Program
  • Review of Power Supply Agreements and contract advice
  • Diagnosing Network Issues and review of off-site Back-Up Strategy
  • Demand Side Management Study
  • NERC Compliance Services

Client testimonial:

Unlike many consulting firms that I have dealt with over my career in the electric utility industry AESI does not nickel and dime its clients for minor changes to project scope.  AESI treats its clients like partners and have the same drive and desire to have a successful project completion.
-Ray Phillips, Manager of Compliance