Success Story – Burlington Hydro Inc.

Burlington Hydro Inc. (BHI) is a Local Distribution Company (LDC) that maintains 32 substations and almost 1,600 kilometers of medium voltage distribution lines to deliver electricity to ~66,000 residential and commercial customers. AESI has been providing various management and engineering services to BHI since 2001. AESI’s relationship with BHI is built on trust, past performance and integrity.


  • Provided input into BHI’s Business Operations plan
  • Developed Asset Management Strategies to support its 2009 and 2014 Cost of Service applications
  • Prepared a Smart Grid Community application to the Ministry of Energy
  • Prepared a Risk Management report and subsequent updates
  • Prepared BHI’s IT strategy
  • Provided update material for BHI’s Conditions of Service
  • Developed programming for Electronic Bill Presentment EBPP


  • Prepared an annual System Performance report (2005 –  2012)
  • Prepared overhead line design and major creek crossing
  • Assisted with a SCADA upgrade (Survalent system)
  • System Capacity planning
  • Distribution Automation planning
  • Supported Load Forecasting and System planning


  • Assisted in implementing Ont. Reg.22/04 and training
  • Completed annual ESA Audits since 2005