Cyber Security Risk Assessments

We assist Critical Infrastructure Operators (CIO’s) to develop and maintain the capability to conduct business operations in the cyber space domain by enabling Cyber Resilience through the assessment of cyber risk that is non-intrusive to operations. Our services leverage proven methodologies to identify vulnerabilities and apply appropriate corrective actions to achieve compliance with regulatory and legal standards or to improve the maturity of your program.

Supporting risk management practices, AESI Specialists can also assist with increased resilience to external threats with a physical security assessment of facilities. Clients receive a comprehensive and easy to read report with a detailed description of the methodology and the cyber security vulnerabilities identified. The results are effectively illustrated with executive dashboards to highlight key measures/findings. An essential deliverable from AESI – we provide a prioritized list of recommendations or action plans to remedy the vulnerabilities discovered.

  • Cyber Program & Security Strategy Assessment – Assess and measure the efficiency and effectiveness of your information security program and supporting controls.
  • Cyber Posture Assessment – Check baselines and define an overall cyber security framework or strategy.
  • Operational Risk Assessment – Realize how educating and informing your employees can reduce incidents and improve your cyber security posture.
  • Cyber Security Maturity Scoring – Get a security score based on your existing security posture.
  • Cyber Vulnerability Assessment (CVA) – AESI CVAs align with industry cyber security standards, such as NERC CIP, ISO 27001, NIST, and security best practices—leveraging structured and proven assessment methodologies.
  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Physical Security Assessments – Obtain comments on external and internal threats from all sources that could affect the safety and security of the structures, including specific equipment within, as well as on the business continuity and functionality of the facilities.
  • NIST & Privacy Standards Assessments – Assess gaps and identify security priorities based on the NIST Framework and leading privacy standards. AESI has developed a structure to integrate Generally Accepted Privacy Controls (GAPP) into the NIST Cyber Security Framework.
  • Microgrid & DERs Cyber Assessment