System Implementation & Configuration

Whether you are deciding to buy a new system, or upgrade and enhance an existing one, our IT/OT attention focuses on integration, communication, interoperability, end-user satisfaction, and customer-driven input.

The AESI team brings cradle-to-grave support and expertise by leveraging an extensive IT/OT project experience. Our depth of knowledge includes a comprehensive understanding of a broad range of operational systems and corresponding implementation barriers. Our consulting support services extend to procurement management, regulatory compliance, cyber security, training, and document facilitation.

  • Procurement Management
    • Proposal Evaluations
    • Contract Negotiation
    • Acceptance Testing: Factory & Site
  • System/Solution Implementation
    • Full Stack Service (Physical or Virtual)
    • Installation
    • Network Configuration & Segmentation
    • Database Conversion
    • Data Historian Implementation
  • System Integration Services
    • Software Development
    • Testing
    • Commissioning
    • Start-up/Cut-over Management
  • Documentation