Compliance Implementation Services

Effective organizational integration is built on a foundation of internal controls that aid in managing risks. AESI has assisted numerous organizations of all sizes and operational makeup with their implementation of regulatory compliance obligations. Supported by staff who have previously worked at utilities in various roles from engineers to linesman, we know the best practices for implanting compliance requirements, developing Reliability Compliance Programs (RCP), and performing audits of regulatory requirements for a diverse body of clientele. AESI has learned many insights and methods to achieving a practical and sustainable implementation of regulatory requirements and can assist in the following areas:

  • NERC Cyber Security Standards CIP
    • Cyber Impact Rating Methodology & Determination (CIP-002)
    • Cyber Security Tools & Systems (CIP-003 to 014)
    • Supply Chain Risk Management (CIP-013)
    • Internal Response Planning and Communications
  • NERC Operations & Planning Standards
    • Loss of Control Center Functionality (EOP-008)
    • Facility Ratings Methodology & Establishment (FAC-008)
    • Systematic Approach to Training Programs (PER-005)
    • Protection System Maintenance Programs (PRC-005)
    • Relay Loadability Evaluations (PRC-023/025)
  • Cyber Security Framework(s) – Hire AESI as your resource for meeting the compliance requirements in a timely and more cost-efficient manner, or receive a security strategy with prioritized recommendations aligned with the NIST or Ontario Cyber Security Framework