Managed Compliance Services

Performing and tracking compliance obligations is time-consuming. Time and resources are limited; AESI can lead and manage one or more compliance activities on behalf of an organization.

  • Quarterly Compliance Briefings – Keep informed of what’s happening in the regulatory landscape. The briefing provides a summary and analysis of information that is important to your organization, as well as a summary of actions to take as a result of the impending changes. As part of the AESI promise, we host a quarterly conference call to walk your team through the essential items in the briefing, answer any questions, and assign resulting tasks as necessary. The Regulatory Compliance Briefing summarizes and prioritizes important and relevant regulatory information for the following events and items:
    • Important Dates: Lists applicable requirements coming into force with their effective dates or related implementation plan dates, as well other upcoming important dates
    • Reliability Requirement Changes: Summarizes changes to regulatory requirements, advising you of their implication to existing and new compliance documentation
    • Regulatory Environment Changes: Apprises you of changes to the governance of the regulatory environment, and to the monitoring and enforcement processes
    • Industry Alerts: Interprets industry alerts and advisories on your behalf and provides you with an analysis of the identified issues in plain English along with recommendations to mitigate
    • Workshops, Conferences & Webinars: Provides information on upcoming events that may be of interest to your organization
    • Information Postings: Provides intelligence on Lessons Learned, Compliance Guidelines, FAQs or other postings that provide guidance on how your organization can and should achieve compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Self-Certifications – AESI performs a thorough assessment of compliance concerning the applicable requirements for the self-certification filing, drafts up the self-certification response, and if desired, AESI will submit the self-certification and any supporting documentation to the regulating body on your behalf
  • Periodic Data Submittals – For periodic data filings, AESI Compliance Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) gather the required information from your staff and complete the data submittal forms
  • Audit & RFI Submissions – AESI manages the organization’s response to an actual regulatory audit by working with compliance staff and SMEs to coordinate and prepare the audit submission packages, and by responding to audit notifications and Requests for Information (RFIs)
  • NERC Alert Interpretation & Responses – Take timely and appropriate action utilizing AESI’s Compliance SMEs for interpretations, analyses, and recommendations shortly after a NERC Alert or issued advisory. On your behalf, AESI develops and submits the acknowledgments and any follow-up submittals required by the NERC Alert
  • Virtual NERC Compliance Manager(s) – AESI’s NERC Compliance Manager is a cost-effective solution for managing your compliance requirements. Along with developing and maintaining your Compliance Calendar, the Virtual NERC Compliance Manager service takes the responsibility of providing you with a Regulatory Compliance Briefing, Compliance Monitoring and Reporting, as well the availability to receive SME regulatory assistance on a remote or virtual ad-hoc basis. The scope of this service can be customized to your needs
  • Cyber Security & NERC CIP Reliability Patch Management – Streamline your patch management tasks with the support of AESI specialists who actively and collectively remain aware of updates for current utility sector applications and software tools