Delivering the Necessary Transfer of Knowledge

To deliver our best to our clients, we bring our collective knowledge garnered through active involvement with client projects, industry participation, and practical, hands-on utility experience.

  • Flexible Delivery – AESI can deliver training as you need it. We can bring any existing course to your facility or customize an agenda based on your specific requirements. Along with flexibility in its delivery, each training session is prepared and tailored to its audience.
  • Expert Instructors – Tap into the knowledge of our seasoned team and gain a wealth of information – successes and lessons learned – garnered through years of expertise-building with utilities and experience gained from multiple projects.
  • Cost-effective Approach – Each utility has the desire to foster an organizational culture of awareness. We know that no two utilities are identical, but there are definite similarities that afford cost-effectiveness in the delivery of training. AESI training strikes a balance between covering the fundamental concepts and best practices with relevant examples relatable to the utility sector and tailoring the content to the various subject matter experts.

Current Course List

AESI offers a series of instructional workshops to educate our clients’ staff. Our course offerings are available via a variety of formats and for all skill levels – introductory, intermediate and advanced – in key utility operational areas including:

  • Introduction to Electricity & Power Systems
  • Welcome to NERC Reliability Compliance
  • NERC Compliance:
    • Do I need to register my Facility?
    • Managing Your Obligations
    • Preparing for Your Audit
    • An Overview of CIP
    • CIP Compliance for Low Impact Assets
    • CIP Compliance Deep Dive
    • Supply Chain Risk Management
    • Cyber Security Awareness Training
    • Distribution Providers
    • Generator Owners
    • Generator Operators
  • Principles of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Board/Executive Management Level Cybersecurity Training
  • Fundamentals of IT/OT Cybersecurity Risk Management
  • Intermediate IT/OT Cybersecurity:
    • Network Architecture Risk-Based Mitigation Strategies
    • Access Management Concepts & Technical Deployment
    • Securing Individual Hosts / Endpoints
    • Security Operations Maintenance Plan Best Practices
    • Technical Make-up of a Cybersecurity Monitoring & Response Program
  • Distributed Energy Resources Fundamentals
  • Distributed Energy Resources Integration