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Most bookkeeping software is accurate, but hard to use. We make the opposite trade-off, and hope you don't get audited.

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Everything you need to run your books.

Well everything you need if you aren't that picky about minor details like tax compliance.

Keep track of everyone's salaries and whether or not they've been paid. Direct deposit not supported.


Over an hour of high quality, step-by-step video content to sharpen your icon design workflow.

Learn how to design your very first icons in a series of screencasts that will teach you everything you need to know to go from beginner to pro in just over an hour.

  1. Getting started with Figma

    Getting started with Figma

    Get familiar with the Figma UI, the different tools it offers, and the most important features.

  2. Setting up your artboard

    Setting up your artboard

    Learn how to create a new artboard and configure your grid and rulers for designing icons.

  3. Designing your first icon

    Designing your first icon

    Using basic shapes and boolean operations, learn how to design your own notification icon from scratch.

  4. Advanced design techniques

    Advanced design techniques

    Learn the techniques you need to know to adapt your original icon to a modern duotone style.


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Tools and resources you can use to get started even faster and progress even further.

Design assets, icon teardowns, and a community of fellow icon designers where you can ask questions, get feedback, and accelerate your learning.

  1. figma image

    Figma icon templates

    Pefectly structured templates for quickly designing new icons at dozens of common sizes.

  2. abstract Background ImageVideo Player Image

    Weekly icon teardowns

    Weekly videos where we dissect and recreate beautiful icons we find on the web.

  3. Discord Image

    Community of icon designers

    A private Discord server where you can get help and give feedback on each others' work.

Pick your package

“Everything Starts as a Square” is available in two different packages so you can pick the one that's right for you.


The perfect starting point if you're on a budget.


  • The 240-page ebook
  • Figma icon templates
  • Community access


Everything icon resource you could ever ask for.


  • The 240-page ebook
  • Figma icon templates
  • Over an hour of screencasts
  • Weekly icon teardowns
  • Community access

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Some kind words from early customers...

I worked with a small group of early access customers to make sure all of the content in the book was exactly what they needed. Hears what they had to say about the finished product.

  • Mira’s teaching style is second to none. Everything was easy to follow every step of the way.

    Antonio Littel
    Antonio Littel
    Frontend Developer
  • I run an ecommerce store selling rare vintage gummy bears and could never find a good gummy bear icon. Now I can design my own in minutes.

    Cameron Considine
    Cameron Considine
  • I couldn’t believe how fast Mira moved in Figma compared to my own workflow. I’m designing icons more accurately in half the time with the shortcuts I learned from her videos.

    Steven Hackett
    Steven Hackett
    Bootcamp Instructor

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