Cyber Security

Networks are the communication backbone. When threats are emerging and evolving on a daily basis from sources you can’t even fathom, how do you protect something so essential to your day-to-day operations?

Security is the obvious answer, but how much, where and how? And with the consistent evolution of cyber security threats, how can you keep up? Do you have to keep up? What do you really need to do?

AESI assists clients at all levels to assess their risk, develop programs to help minimize their risk, implement technical solutions to address the risk, and when the horrible happens, assesses the intrusion to understand how it happened and expose the evidence trail. Our services include:

Organizations must be pragmatic and choose the right level of security that balances acceptable risk (tolerance), budget, etc. Although risk cannot be eliminated, it can be mitigated. Firewalls, malicious code protection, etc.—a fortified defense is only part of the mix. A 360° perspective on cyber security also includes strategies and policies, along with solid plans for risk management and disaster recovery.

AESI and its staff members have implemented cyber security and physical security best practices that are in alignment with NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) requirements, ‎ISO 27001, NIST and ISA for industries identified as Critical Infrastructure (energy, transportation, water, etc.). How critical is your business? We can help you too.