Network Architecture

AESI recognizes that the network is the communication backbone of an organization, and that each organization has its own business requirements related to their network, which makes them unique. These requirements, combined with the need to satisfy regulatory compliance obligations, can be a frustrating venture for even the most seasoned IT Professional.

Our team of experienced network and security consultants will work with your organization using a holistic approach to develop a comprehensive solution that satisfies both your business needs and regulatory compliance requirements.  This approach ensures that solutions are developed incorporating security and compliance from the onset, instead of developing solutions in a bubble and then adding these elements after the fact.

AESI has extensive experience spanning the entire IT networking realm including, deployment and management of large enterprise networks, and installation of secure remote access technologies like VPN with dual factor authentication, high availability connections and wireless solutions.  In addition to implementation projects, we can also assist your business in supporting your infrastructure in terms of troubleshooting communications and connectivity, device maintenance, configuration changes and infrastructure augmentation.