Physical Security

With so much focus in the media on cyber threats and intrusions, organizations sometimes don’t comprehend how far criminal activity has evolved in other capacities, and the extent to which it is necessary to physically protect resources and assets.

AESI’s security experts are trained specifically to assess and secure your most valuable assets. Our team will work with your organization to identify the assets that are critical to your operational capabilities, and recommend appropriate and implementable security controls. In most cases, the identified threats range from damage due to trespassing, theft and vandalism, with the more extreme cases being willful sabotage.

Our team leverages industry standards such as NERC CIP-006 and the new CIP-014, which are applicable to transmission stations and substations.

In the case of CIP-014, AESI can assist as either an unaffiliated third party or as a consultant. In the case of an unaffiliated third party, AESI will verify the documented risk assessment, security evaluation and security plan, in order to confirm that they comply with the new standard. In a consulting capacity, we work with your team to classify your stations/substations, and document an appropriate risk assessment, security evaluation and security plan.