Distribution System Plans

Distribution System Plans (DSP) are required by the OEB to fulfill its Chapter 5 filing requirements. A Consolidated DSP encompasses several areas including:

  • investment lifecycles
  • renewable energy integration plans
  • on-going maintenance planning
  • consultation and coordination with third parties
  • asset management policies and procedures
  • a ten year capital expenditure plan consisting of five historical years, the test year and four forecasted years.

Chapter 5 also requires an update on the Smart Grid implementation, a Customer Engagement Plan and cybersecurity considerations, not to mention an assessment of the existing asset base. It can seem a little daunting on top of everything else that is required for the rate filing.

AESI understands sustainable utility management practices and processes, and has practical knowledge of the OEB requirements. We can help with:

  • DSP preparation and review
  • Asset Condition Assessment
  • Plan development and review:
    • Asset Management Plan
    • Capital Expenditure Plan
    • Renewable Energy Plan
    • Data Management Plan

We meet with staff and review documentation to assess the existing practices and documentation regarding asset management program, inspections, testing, system performance, programs and capital investment plan.

Staff interviews delve into the existing procedures and documentation mechanisms for identification of capital and maintenance investments, including system planning studies and/or forecasts, selection/prioritization criteria, development and approval of these budgets, and means of managing variances in approved budgets.

Our team looks at the data and asset updates as contained in the utility’s equipment information system (e.g., GIS, ERP, etc.), as well as the information technology systems; along with examining Smart Grid Implementation considerations and progress, and reviewing potential Cybersecurity concerns and Customer Engagement Plan.

We take a thorough approach to ensure you have your submission prepared in a succinct manner, with appropriate language to minimize questions from the interveners. And if they have questions, we can even continue to support you there too!