Information Communications Technology

As a discipline, Information Technology has grown exponentially from a tool that helps us with the day-to-day business functions to a critical component of day-to-day operations. With this maturity, the technology (hardware, software) and requirements (resources, stakeholders, regulations, etc.) that are necessary to maintain and operate a robust system have also expanded.

AESI’s team members bring a wide array of practical and current experience for IT network administration, best practices, development, and hardware and software to deliver:

AESI is vendor neutral. We maintain this position to ensure any solution developed for a client is the best one to meet their needs—without bias or influence.

Our team has worked in real-time production environments and appreciates the critical nature of the systems, not just as outside consultants, but as those directly responsible for the operations and maintenance of the systems. It is this real world, hands-on experience that makes the difference in the services we provide.