System Integration & Application Services

The reality for today’s businesses is that they use multiple software applications with several databases, to operate and manage different aspects of their business. A one-size-fits-all solution is neither practical nor feasible to implement or achieve.

Sometimes it is technology

We have worked with a wide variety of hardware and software—current and legacy—and managed the delicate balance of integration to optimize system performance. When needed, our team can develop custom interfaces to facilitate integration.

Other times it is the environment

AESI’s experience with operational and performance issues in existing environments includes troubleshooting, issue identification and resolution, and environment enhancement.

And then there are times, it isn’t technology

AESI understands the IT environment extends to those who use the systems. We have supported clients with change management with process development and documentation, through to staff training. We’ve also provided staffing support to augment the client’s team or as supplemental resources for on-demand expertise.