Regulatory Compliance Services

AESI’s clients cross all eight NERC jurisdictions, spanning generation through to distribution and operations. Our in-house, highly knowledgeable professionals and demonstrated track record of satisfied and repeat clients bears witness to the depth of expertise AESI has to offer. NERC related projects incorporate various services for both CIP – Critical Infrastructure Protection Standards, and the Non‐CIP (FERC 693) Reliability Standards:

AESI and its staff have been supporting electric power utilities with NERC Compliance since before the Standards became enforceable. We have lived its history and development, and continue active participation to maintain a high level of awareness of NERC requirements and future requirements:

  • Registered and active member of the NPCC Regional Standards Committee
  • Registered and active member of the Ontario Reliability Standards Stakeholder Committee
  • NERC Certified Continuous Education Provider on Cyber Security (CIP)
  • NERC registered voting member on the Standards Review process
  • NERC Auditor trained staff

In order to bring our best, and leading best practices, to our clients, we bring our ‘whole’ knowledge garnered through active involvement with client projects, industry participation and practical, hands-on utility experience.

We work with our clients as an extension of their team, building relationships and trust to deliver sustainable solutions, because we know Non-compliance is not an option.