BES Definition Change

The change in the Bulk Electric System (BES) definition cast a wide net across the energy industry leaving some wondering if their facilities now fall under the NERC Standards. It doesn’t have to be confusing and the path forward can be made clear.

First and foremost – are you in or are you out? And can you be an Exception? AESI can help you with the interpretation of the BES definition, identification of your assets, the BESNet portal application process and submission of initial BES Self‐Determined Notifications (SNDs) and Exception Requests (ERs).

Once a determination is made, you need to develop a plan of how to address the impact on your compliance requirements for both CIP and Non-CIP, and then implement. Yes, it can be overwhelming, especially if you were formerly exempt from NERC compliance requirements.

AESI can help you navigate the process, identify a clear roadmap forward, and even assist in its implementation. Our services include:

  • Creating an equipment inventory list, including protection system elements
  • Training and familiarization regarding the new BES definition (NERC Project 2010-17 Proposed Definition of Bulk Electric System), including the latest NERC Bulk Electric System Definition Reference Document.
  • Analysis of existing entity equipment, including transmission and generation elements and protection systems in order to accurately classify facilities that have a material impact on the reliability of the BES and classifying non BES equipment.
  • Maintaining and updating inclusion or exception requests as required, including developing and submitting future notifications regarding system configuration changes.
  • Understanding compliance obligations for facilities that have proven exemption from the BES definition.

AESI can support the development of a formal compliance program and sustainment services. Our staff members are here to help your employees become knowledgeable and proficient in developing and maintaining a healthy compliance posture.