Compliance Documentation

Corporate governance involves the practices, processes and established accountabilities developed to meet the obligations of each NERC CIP Standard and requirement. AESI can develop, review and update a company’s policies, guidelines and procedures (PGPs) to ensure its Compliance Documentation reflects the mandate of the current, applicable NERC Standards.

Our staff members are cognizant of the implications on staff workload when implementing and following PGPs, that’s why we are diligent to ensure the PGPs are practical and straightforward to execute.

Depending on the size and complexity of an organization, there can be up to four levels of documentation:

  • Level 1 – Corporate Governance Program Document(s)
  • Level 2 – NERC Compliance (Complementary) Standards
  • Level 3 – Plant-Level (business-wide) Procedures
  • Level 4 – Detailed local Procedures/Instructions/Checklist

AESI reviews applicable NERC and Regional Requirements documents, and then drafts a hierarchy of documentation working with client staff that will meet the NERC standards and any applicable Regional requirements.