Internal Compliance Programs

A well thought out Compliance Program illustrates leadership, defines accountability and helps to drive organizational acceptance. It identifies implementable solutions and controls to bring clients into and maintain a state of compliance readiness. Beyond the policies, guidelines and procedures, it can incorporate technical solutions for compliance tracking, calendar of actions and even an electronic document management system for evidentiary documentation.

A quality Internal Compliance Program (ICP) helps to demonstrate auditable compliance through:

  • A comprehensive governing and supporting document infrastructure
  • Clarity of roles and responsibilities
  • Consistency and proper interpretation of the NERC standards requirements
  • Documentation of processes for the said standards
  • A quality NERC training program and its implementation
  • Proper documentation of related activities

AESI has worked with clients, large and small, to develop and implement the overall strategy for an Internal Compliance Program, associated documentation and workflow processes, mitigation plans, and organizational alignment with compliance objectives.

We can help provide the fundamental overarching Compliance Program Polices and Processes that are the framework to manage and bring together all the aspects of an exceptional Compliance Program. Going beyond the tangible, it further sets the tone and helps mold the culture of a reliability mind set throughout the corporation—essential for any program to succeed.