Mock Audit/Gap Analysis & Readiness Assessments

AESI has performed more than 55 NERC CIP and Non-CIP Mock Audits/Assessments for companies with various registered entities. AESI’s methodology is thorough, comprehensive and proven. We utilize leading industry best practices to produce meaningful, easy to understand reports with realistic, operationally viable recommendations for implementation. Depending on the client’s preference, these services can be complete either on- or off-site.

Mock Audit

AESI assumes the role of a Virtual Auditor to identify any compliance deficiencies in an unbiased and informative manner. We:

  1. Prepare and submit a list of compliance documentation and evidence to be supplied for review
  2. Review documentation and evidence as provided by the client
  3. Deliver a report that summarizes the findings and the basis of the findings

Gap Analysis & Readiness Assessments

The Gap Analysis and Readiness Assessment provides added value—actionable value—to the client. Beyond the documentation, we interact with the staff and Subject Matter Experts (SME) to develop a complete picture of the client’s compliance posture.  Our final report presents general observations and recommendations for all Standards, and further presents the detailed assessment observations, Gaps, opportunities for enhancements, and recommendations for each applicable Requirement under the NERC Reliability Standards and any Regional Standards in place.