Sustainment/Advisory Services

Staying compliant requires planning and a sustained effort. The forethought and planning is the least consuming step and yet the one most often put aside—putting you behind the eight ball when an audit is suddenly upon the horizon.

AESI maintains an acute awareness of the latest developments and future direction in NERC and Regional Requirements, and Cyber Security related regulations to ensure our clients are fully informed and benefit from knowledge of upcoming changes, potential impacts and correlating actions required to maintain their compliance posture.

AESI offers a monthly Regulatory Advisory Service that summarizes and provides important regulatory information to the Reliability Compliance Officer covering:

  1. Reliability Standard Changes: Summarize changes to NERC and Regional reliability standards, advising the Reliability Compliance Officer of their implication to policies, processes, systems and procedures and providing recommendations enabling appropriate actions to be taken on a timely and cost effective basis.
  2. Regulatory Environment Changes: Apprise the Reliability Compliance Officer of changes to the regulatory environment related to NERC’s Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program (CMEP) within the context of any jurisdictional Reliability Framework in place and the FERC Orders and/or notice of proposed rules (NOPR) related to reliability standards and their enforcement that apply in the home State.
  3. Regulatory Advisories: Assimilate, summarize and disseminate implications of NERC advisories, which are issued periodically and forwarded by the Operator to be applicable to the State’s market participants.