AESI can custom develop a training program to meet your specific needs, whether it be general NERC training, SME training, RSAW training or audit preparation coaching.

Subject Matter Expert (SME) Training

AESI offers a series of instructional workshops to educate client’s SME staff about the NERC Standards/Requirements, any applicable Regional Standards specific to the organization, and training on how to fulfill the responsibilities under each obligation.

The workshop series begin with the basics and then build with logical, sequential lessons. Each workshop is independent of another so if delivered out of sequence or individually as a refresher, the training can stand alone.

RSAW Training

AESI conducts training on how to prepare the Reliability Standards Audit Worksheets (RSAWs), (required for Regional audits). This supports the SMEs in preparation and/or to participate in preparation of RSAWs if called upon. We coach on the best practices for the language, details, and style for completing RSAW narratives to help ensure a quick and smooth audit process.

Employee Education, Training and Documentation

AESI can tailor an employee education and training program, with instruction based upon applicable standards:

  • General Overview of NERC, Regional and local Market Standards
  • Applicability of specific registered entities
  • General responsibility of entity to NERC
  • The overall Compliance Program
  • Detailed Review of the NERC Reliability Standards Applicable to member(s)
  • Meaning of specific terms

Cyber Security (CIP) Training

A key component of the NERC cyber security standards is to ensure that all personnel have appropriate levels of training and security awareness.  AESI provides annual classroom cyber security training for personnel requiring authorized electronic and/or unescorted physical access to critical cyber assets.

As well, AESI provides access to an on-line training application, enabling new personnel requiring authorized electronic and/or unescorted physical access to critical cyber assets to receive required cyber security training when required.

AESI Cyber Security Training courses are NERC approved and certified, and contribute to NERC Continuing Education Hours (CEH) credits.