About Us

Acumen is an engineering and management consulting firm, providing sustainable solutions to critical infrastructure entities across North America and internationally.

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Our Expertise

Our team is composed of engineers, technicians, consultants, and management experts with years of experience and the in-depth technical knowledge to confidently implement and manage your operations.

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Our approach

At Acumen, quality is our benchmark at every stage for everything we do—right from hiring professional staff with strong technical skills and good business ethics, through to final deliverables that are prepared and organized in a straightforward manner for ease of interpretation and implementation.

Service Offerings

We assist our clients with their strategic and operational challenges through:

Regulatory Compliance

Lower your organization’s risk profile while addressing regulatory compliance obligations for NERC, Cyber Security, Electrical Safety, and Privacy.

Operational Technology

Leverage our experience to manage, integrate, and optimize entire IT/OT ecosystems like never before.

Cyber and Physical Security

Our proven risk-based industry practices in assessing cyber environments and identifying exposures heighten your cyber awareness and resilience.

Energy Solutions

Optimize your energy goals with Acumen’s full perspective of the Energy Market.
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Remaining Dedicated to Our Core Values


Building trust by doing what we say we will do.


A commitment to provide the competence and confidence expected.


Treat staff and the client like family, with respect and guiding them to success.


Do the right thing by adhering to ethics, honesty, and sincerity.


We look out for you, now and for tomorrow.


A passion for consistently performing our best.

Building From a Solid Foundation

At Acumen, our vision is to be recognized by our clients as a preferred partner for supporting and augmenting their engineering, operations, and strategic business needs.

From Our Founders to New Generations

Since our beginnings, Acumen has seen tremendous growth and success in supporting our clients as we continue to adapt and evolve alongside the everchanging marketplace.