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Cyber & Physical Security

Our range of Cyber and Physical Security services incorporate proven risk-based industry practices to assess cyber environments and identify exposures across governance, people, and technology.

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Our Services

Increase your security and resiliency while addressing gaps in compliance, cyber and physical security, privacy, and electrical safety.

Maintain the safety and integrity of your company’s operations with our in-depth risk assessments.

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Risk Assessments

Our proven methodologies identify all threats, implement corrective measures, and ensure compliance with regulations for your complete protection.

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Cyber Program & Security Strategy Assessment

Assess and measure the efficiency and effectiveness of your cyber security program and its supporting controls.

Operational Risk Assessment

By assessing and prioritizing the cyber and physical risks in your environments, we work with you to develop a plan to mitigate those risks together.

Cyber Posture Assessment

Check your cyber posture against the external cyber threat landscape and internal threats.

Cyber Security Maturity Scoring

Determine your current cyber security maturity using the U.S DOE Cybersecurity Capability Maturity Model (C2M2).

Cyber Vulnerability Assessment (CVA)

Our vulnerability assessments align with industry cyber security standards and best practices to give you a clear picture of top vulnerabilities and their mitigation.

Physical Security Assessments

Our physical security assessments analyze internal and external threats on your structures, equipment, business continuity, and operations for a 360-approach to safety.

Network Penetration Testing

Our non-intrusive penetration tests measure the strength of your current security measures and detect vulnerabilities without impacting your operations.

NIST & Privacy Standards Assessments

Identify gaps and stay up to code through assessments that integrate Generally Accepted Privacy Principles (GAPP) into the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

Microgrid & DERs Cyber Assessment

Acumen’s methodology addresses cyber security and physical security via the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, specifically tailored for your microgrids and DERs.


Develop a comprehensive security management program that suits your unique entity best.

Business Case Development

Develop both cyber and physical security programs through ROI and cost-avoidance quantification.

Cyber & Physical Security Governance & Program Recommendations

Develop complete programs, including critical governance functions.

Security & Privacy Roadmaps

Gain useful insights through personalized roadmaps and tools for long-term security solutions.

Supply Chain / Third Party Cyber Security Risks

Assess, mitigate, and manage threat landscape risks associated with outside sources.

Network Architectural Reviews

Review IT and OT network architectures to identify gaps and potential risks to critical systems and environments.

Secure Network Architectures Development

Create secure IT and OT network architectures to ensure proper zoning and secure protection of your key systems and data.

Organizational Change Management Planning

Align your IT and OT groups with the required governing practices for a successful security program.

Cyber & Physical Security for Microgrids & DERs

Our security models can be used for operations of any size, given our past experience with NRECA.

Compliance Advisory

Our extensive experience providing compliance services for NERC, CIP, and the Ontario Cyber security Framework translates to providing you with expert advice, and compliance guidance.

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Implementation Services

Manage and mitigate ever-evolving security threats with tailored strategies, roadmaps, and frameworks in the areas of guidance, technical solutions, and stable cyber architecture.

Workforce Transition

Take advantage of our temporary assistance for resource gaps as you adjust to new changes.

Policy, Standards & Procedures Development

Augment your policy library with updated Cyber & Physical Security and Privacy Policies, Incident Response, and Technical Procedures.

Cyber Incident Response Planning & Communications

Stay safe in every situation with fully developed Incident Response Plans, complete with scenario playbooks and communication plans.

Network Configuration & Segmentation

Configure and segment your IT and OT networks for maximum security while maintaining efficiency and operational effectiveness.

NERC Cyber Security CIP Standards

Guiding you through the standards landscape of Cyber Impact Rating Methodology & Determination (CIP-002), Cyber Security Tools & Systems (CIP-003 to 014), Supply Chain Risk Management (CIP-013), and Internal Response Planning & Communications.

Management Services

For all your unique security needs, Acumen guarantees cost-effective solutions for managing your cyber security resources across your utility.

Cyber Incident Response & Recovery Exercises

Heighten vigilance and security response amongst your cross-functional teams with our recovery exercises and testing program.


No CISO? No problem! Acumen provides this function as a service for your benefit.

Cybersecurity Health Check

Assess your cyber security posture and maturity with our quick and inexpensive assessment methodologies.

Remediation Support

Get the results you need for your organization with our remediation guidance and hands-on approach to solving your problems.

Training Services

Our expert instructors offer training both on-site and at our office locations on important topics such as:

Board/Executive Management Level Cybersecurity Training
Fundamentals of IT/OT Cybersecurity Risk Management
Intermediate IT/OT Cybersecurity
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Protect your assets and maximize your security potential.

We assess your security posture and mitigate risks for you so you can focus on your company and your operations. Find out why we’re the best at what we do.