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Energy Solutions

Our experts understand your business model and serve as an extension of your team to deliver customized technical and financial solutions.

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Our Services

Meet your regulatory requirements and net-zero commitments while keeping your operations running smoothly and safely.

Our expert understanding of power system operations means you get proven and pragmatic energy solutions for every need.

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Energy Advisory

Stay on top of emerging news and updates in the industry with the best resources and knowledge experts on your side.

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Energy Transition

Meet all your Energy, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals with a thorough analysis of your current systems and a proven framework to make you sustainable, resourceful, and profitable in the long run.

Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) Optimization

Regardless of whether you have a commercial, industrial, or institutional project, optimize your DER solutions for both in-front-of and behind-the-meter applications.

Non-Wire Alternatives (NWAs)

Avoid costly infrastructure changes and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through resiliency measures such as Demand Response, Solar Generation, Combined Heat and Power Generation (CHP), Battery Storage, and others.

Energy Management

Keep track of the right electricity market indicators to maximize your operational efficiency and your profits.

Generation Management

Maximize your asset profit margins with day-ahead and intra-day asset scheduling, hedging sales, strategic procurement and execution powered through proprietary forecasting methodologies. Our ISO/RTO trained, experienced and certified team represents your generation assets on a 24/7 basis and takes the lead on FERC, NERC, and other governmental reporting.

Load Management

Lead, facilitate, and manage your entry into the wholesale supply chain with our complete load management services. Enjoy significant cost reductions without changing your daily operations or risk tolerance.

Utility Services

Determine the best procurement options with our latest generation and load forecasting methodologies and modeling scenarios, designed to give you the most flexible and nuanced solutions while still considering cost, reliability, and regulation.

Planning & Operations

From planning in the office to overseeing construction in the field, be confident that our decades of knowledge and technical experience will translate to smooth operations across your entire company.

Asset Management

Keep your assets managed correctly and optimized for your business while staying in line with regulatory requirements.

System Planning

Keep your distribution, transmission, and generation assets effective and optimized with properly reviewed system planning documentation and operating procedures.

Safety Audits

Create and update your regulatory policies and procedures and provide feedback to the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) with Acumen’s services. We conduct safety audits under Ontario Regulation 22/04 for almost half of all Ontario’s distribution utilities, ensuring they stay up-to-code and safe.
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Training Services

Our expert instructors offer training both on-site and at our office locations on important topics such as:

Introduction to Electricity & Power Systems
Distributed Energy Resource Fundamentals
Distributed Energy Resources Integration
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Ready to dive in?

Rely on Acumen’s industry experience and comprehensive approach to meet your energy challenges with the clarity and foresight you seek.