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Regulatory Compliance

Get cost-effective solutions tailored to you to address regulatory compliance obligations with NERC, Cyber Security, Electrical Safety, and Privacy.

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Our Services

Implement cost-effective solutions that get results while avoiding costly fines and damaging sanctions.

Build a solid foundation on which to cultivate a culture of compliance.

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Compliance Assurance

Mitigate and manage risks with a variety of solutions and options, customized to your unique needs.

Gap Assessments

Our master dashboard with its colour-coded system allows you to track threat severity in real time, enabling you to take immediate action as needed.

Regulatory Compliance Programs (RCPs)

Implement a sustainable RCP to diminish and eliminate potential risks, while developing highly sustainable internal practices within your company.

Policies, Plans & Procedures

Create, review, and update your current compliance documentation framework alongside our experts to address the latest regulatory compliance obligations.

Internal Controls & Evaluation (ICE)

Design, document, and integrate internal controls into your compliance programs, guided by the NERC ERO enterprise model.

Cyber Vulnerability Assessment (CVA)

Assess gaps in compliance with a complete cyber risk profile, along with a prioritized list of recommendations to keep you aligned with regulations.

Audit Preparedness – Mock Audits & Witness Preparation

Prepare your staff with our highly detailed Mock Audits and Witness Preparation services to see them confident at their next audit engagement.

Compliance Management Tools Assessment

From basic spreadsheets to complex Compliance Management Systems (CMSs), stay informed of pain points and act on them with confidence using both existing and new compliance tools.

Compliance Advisory

Keep your organization safe by identifying, remediating, and mitigating potential compliance risks.

Ad-Hoc Advisory & Support Service

Keep additional staff and resources on hand for when you need them, regardless of the situation.

Audit Support

Get the support you need to diligently respond to audit notices, review and update audit submission packages, and respond to Requests for Information (RFIs).

Registration, Certification, Deregistration

We handle all registrations, certifications, and cases of deregistration for your organization.

Regulatory Compliance Committee Representation

Our team acts as an independent third party on internal committees and represents your organization externally.

Self-Reporting & Mitigation Plans

Get support to confirm a self-report of a potential violation and develop mitigation plans to prevent these in the future.

Subject Matter Expert & Witness

Use our team as expert witnesses in hearings or in front of regulatory bodies.
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Compliance Implementation Services

Implement industry best practices when following compliance requirements, developing Regulatory Compliance Programs (RCPs), and performing audits for your organization.

NERC Cyber Security Standards CIP

Cyber Impact Rating Methodology & Determination (CIP-002), Cyber Security Tools & Systems (CIP-003 to 014), Supply Chain Risk Management (CIP-013), Internal Response Planning and Communications.

NERC Operations & Planning Standards

Loss of Control Center Functionality (EOP-008), Facility Ratings Methodology & Establishment (FAC-008), Systematic Approach to Training Programs (PER-005), Protection System Maintenance Programs (PRC-005), Relay Loadability Evaluations (PRC-023/025).

Cyber Security Framework(s)

Receive security strategy recommendations aligned with the NIST or Ontario Cyber Security Framework and meet your compliance requirements in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Compliance Management

Save time and resources when Acumen takes the lead and manages compliance activities on your behalf.

Quarterly Compliance Briefings

Stay informed of important updates and changes happening within the regulatory compliance landscape and within your organization.


Self-certifying? We take care of the filing, response drafting, and submission of your self-certification for you for a smooth process.

Periodic Data Submittals

Acumen’s Compliance Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) gather all required information and complete data submittal forms on your behalf.

Audit & RFI Submissions

Coordinate and prepare audit submission packages, responses to audit notifications, and Requests for Information in a timely and efficient manner.

NERC Alert Interpretation & Responses

Take action through Acumen’s Compliance SMEs for interpretations, analyses, and recommendations right after a NERC Alert or issued advisory.

Virtual NERC Compliance Manager(s)

Receive Regulatory Compliance Briefings, Compliance Monitoring and Reporting, and SME Regulatory Assistance on a remote or ad-hoc basis.

Cyber Security & NERC CIP Reliability Patch Management

Streamline your patch management tasks with the latest utility sector applications and software tools.

Training Services

Our expert instructors offer training both on-site and at our office locations on important topics such as:

Cyber Security Role Based Training
Incident Reporting and Response Plan Testing
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Streamline your management tasks and boost your productivity.

See how we can get you up-to-code within regulation standards.