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Operational Technology

Maximize your return on investment by drawing on our in-depth experience in SCADA, EMS/ADMS, DERMS, and AMI/GIS/OMS to manage, integrate, and optimize entire OT ecosystems.

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Our Services

Get the results you need with services backed by our years of experience, expert knowledge, specialized skillsets and numerous happy clients.

Analyze, integrate, and optimize your IT and OT environments.

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IT/OT Assessments & Analysis

Stay ahead of potential future changes in the IT/OT landscape with a thorough assessment and analysis of your current systems, to find the best solution for your current and future needs.

Operational Assessment

Assess your current operations, technology, and human resources to determine the best ways to meet your company’s goals.

Needs Assessment

Obtain a clear understanding of any gaps or deficiencies in your current operations against your future plans.

Feasibility Studies

Ensure that any potential changes and new updates remain compatible with your current operations and future goals.

Cost/Benefit Analysis

Compare all alternatives thoroughly to find the most cost-effective solution for your unique needs and desired benefits.
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Complete OT Lifecycle Advisory & Management Services

Working hand-in-hand with you throughout the entire system implementation lifecycle, we take care of operational challenges to keep your business running smoothly.

IT/OT Ecosystem Strategy & Roadmaps

Build a sustainable roadmap for your IT/OT systems using thorough market and industry research, developed system recommendations and specifications, and a cohesive RFP as required.

Architecture & System Design

Create an optimal system design, including control room, with a focus on functionality and interoperability.

Application & Implementation Planning & Support

Ensure the integration of application is planned and supported to ensure functionality and availability.

Custom Application Planning, Development & Support

Identify the need for any custom application required for your operations, including supporting the development, implementation, and on-going maintenance of the application.

System Implementation & Configuration

Whether you’re implementing a brand-new system or updating your current operations, reach your full operational potential with a focus on refined integration, communication, interoperability, usability, and end-user satisfaction.

Procurement Management

Get supply chain management support for the complete procurement lifecycle, including planning, procuring, and operating.

System/Solution Implementation

Provide implementation and on-going support for your systems to keep them current while minimizing disruptions to your operations.
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System Integration Services

Get seamless integration and installation of new systems and networks with full development, deployment and testing services.


Develop documentation, policies, procedures and detailed work instructions to meet operational and regulatory requirements.

Sustainment & Maintenance

Lifetime support, monitoring, and remediation services to keep your systems cost-effective, safe, and reliable.

Lifecycle Support (Periodic Assessments)

Conduct periodic assessments to ensure that your systems are performing as required, while identifying gaps or needs for enhancements.

Patch & Upgrades Management

Conduct security patch evaluations and implementation of relevant security patches to ensure your systems are secured against everchanging threats in the cyber landscape.

Database/Display Updating & Building

Build and maintain SCADA and application databases and displays to support your business and operational needs.

System Monitoring, Tuning & Expansion Support

Provide monitoring, tuning and expansion support as needed to maintain operations and meet changing operational needs and future requirements.

Training Services

Our expert instructors offer training both on-site and at our office locations on important topics such as:

Fundamentals of IT/OT Cybersecurity Risk Management
Intermediate IT/OT Cybersecurity
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